James Denvir, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology
Marshall University
Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Science Center, Room 336F
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755
denvir (at) marshall (dot) edu
  • Lecture 1 (January 9th 2012): Introduction [html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 2 (January 11th 2012): Confidence Intervals [html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 3 (January 18th 2012): Types of variable and scatter [html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 4 (January 23rd 2012): Distributions and The Confidence Interval of a Mean [html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 5 (January 25th 2012): The t distribution, error bars, and p-values [html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 6 (January 30th 2012): Statistical Significance and Hypothesis Testing[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 7 (February 1st 2012): Statistical Power. Tests for Equivalence and Non-inferiority [html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 8 (February 6th 2012): Multiple Hypothesis Testing [html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 9 (February 8th 2012): Analysis of Microarray Data[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 10 (February 13th 2012): Normality Tests and Outliers[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 11 (February 20th 2012): χ2 and Fisher's Exact Tests[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 12 (February 22nd 2012): Case-control studies and Cox Proportional Hazards[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 13 (February 27th 2012): T-tests[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 14 (February 29th 2012): Correlation and Simple Linear Regression[html] [pdf]
  • Workshop 1 (March 5th 2012): χsquared, Fisher's Exact, and T-tests[html][pdf]
  • Lecture 15 (March 7th 2012): Statistical Models[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 16 (March 26th 2012): Multiple and Logistic Regression[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 17 (March 28th 2012): Proportional Hazards Regression[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 18 (April 2nd 2012): One-Way ANOVA[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 19 (April 4th 2012): Two-way and Repeated Measures ANOVA[html] [pdf]
  • Lecture 20 (April 9th 2012): Non-parametric Tests[html] [pdf]
  • Workshop 2 (April 11th 2012): Logistic Regression and One-Way ANOVA[html][pdf]
  • Lecture 21 (April 23rd 2012): Sample Size[html] [pdf]

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