Dr. Jan I. Fox
Vice President for Information Technology/CIO

Marshall University
305 Drinko Library
Huntington, WV 25755-2066

(304) 696-6706
(304) 696-3229(Fax)



    Dr. Jan I. Fox is currently the Senior Vice President for Information Technology/CIO for Marshall University.

    Her responsibilities include the integration of Information Technology into all aspects of education, administration and research throughout the Marshall community.  Her principal management responsibilities include Computing Services, University Libraries, Telecommunications, Instructional Technology and Video/Satellite Networks.  She serves as chair of several technology committees and is the previous chair of the statewide WVNET Computer Policy Board. Additionally, she serves on several national committees including the Southern Region Electronic Campus Underserved Communities Committee and the Southern Growth Policy Technology Committee.

    She is the recipient of the 1998 Governor’s Technology Award representing the Department of the Education and the Arts.  Research interests include distance education, e-commerce, economic development, community networks, telemedicine, ATM, environmental modeling, library/technology integration and hospital information systems. She and her division have received grants and contracts exceeding four million dollars from Bell Atlantic, West Virginia Prevention Network, Huntington Foundation, WV Health and Human Service, Teubert Foundation, MU University Physicians and Surgeons, WV Secretary of the Education and the Arts, National Telecommunication and Infrastructure Association, Appalachian Regional Commission, the Kellogg Foundation.

    Her previous employment history includes serving as chair of the department of Medical Informatics and Information Technology at the Marshall University School of Medicine, biomedical research specialist for the Huntington Veterans Administration, graduate assistant in Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech and environmental modeling technician for the US Army Corps of Engineers. She also served as Special Assistant to the Governor for Information Technology for a six month period during 2001.

    Fox has a doctorate in Higher Education Administration jointly from West Virginia University and Marshall University.



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