PHOTOJohn W. Larson

Professor, Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics


Ph.D.,Carnegie-Mellon University, 1969

My research in chemical thermodynamics has included inorganic and organic solution calorimetry, oxygen and fluorine bomb calorimetry, potentiometric equilibrium determinations, ion cyclotron resonance, and NMR equilibrium determinations. Our current research effort is centered around the determinations of aqueous equilibrium constants and rate constants involving phosphorus compounds using quantitative NMR techniques. This work is being done to extend the reference data for small model phosphorus compounds and in an effort to understand the nature of Lewis acid-base interactions.

Representative Publications
  1. "Thermodynamics of Ionization of Monofluoro-and Difluorophosphoric Acids." Larson, J. W. and Su, B. J. Chem. Eng. Data 1994, 39, 33-36
  2. "Thermodynamics of Formation of Aqueous Monofluoro-, Difluoro,and Amidofluorophsophoric Acids. Larson, J. W. and Su, B. J. Chem. Eng. Data 1994, 39, 36-39
  3. "Kinetics of the Acid and Alkaline Hydrolysis of Monofluoro-phosphite, Dishman, K.; Karnell, L. A., and Larson, J. W., Int. J. Chem. Kinetics, 1994, 26, 455-459.
  4. "Thermodynamics of Vanadium (+5) in Aqueous Solutions. Larson, J. W., J. Chem. Eng. Data, 1995 ,40, 1276-1280.

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