Matthew K. Lawrence

Graphic Designer, User Experience Advocate, Type Enthusiast, Illustrator, Humorist, Pop Culture Aficionado…

Graphic design is the art of communication, an applied art in simplicity—harmony, tact, and proportion.

Maybe...maybe not.

My work is instinctive. Each mark I make is in direct relation to every other mark I make. I begin with one line until there are many lines, allowing them to form themselves freely, letting the image create itself.

As an artist I feel it is my obligation to create an original image. An image which stretches the boundaries of our culture and challenges the confines of reality, making the possibilities seem possible. I want my design, my art, to scream softly, possessing the viewer for that moment, when nothing else exists. The work makes sense and everything in the world is fine.

If you manage to do something following your instinct as closely as possible, then you have succeeded; but that’s truly exceptional. It very rarely happens. – Francis Bacon