Biography and Memoirs [index]

   Perhaps because they are professional writers, and are widely known by other professional writers and people in the publishing industry, journalists tend to be the subject of a great many biographies and memoirs.  Few groups of people, other than political figures and movie stars, leave behind such a trail of life stories and reminiscences.  This section of the bibliography provides citations for a large number of these resources.  It includes popular biographies, academic treatments by scholars, and a nice array of journalists' own writings on themselves and each other.  The utility of some of these books can be frustrating; many are less than candid or motivated by personal feelings or political agendas.  However, most of them contain at least some insight into the world of journalism that can only come from an insider or a perceptive scholar.  The best of them, to be sure, contain some of the greatest writing in American literature.

    This section is divided into two sub-categories for easier navigation.  The first lists biographic references such as encyclopedias and books which contain chapters or sections on multiple subjects.  While these tend to be somewhat cursory, they can also be of great use when looking for basic information.  The other section lists books, research articles, and dissertations that focus on a single individual.  At this time, all of the entries are listed in alphabetical order by author's last name.  In the near future, I will reorganize this so that it lists the entries in alphabetical order by the subject's name, which I believe will make it easier to use.


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