Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Doctor of Philosophy, 1995.
     M.A., Vocational Technical Education, 1988.
     B.A., Marketing Education, 1982.


      Teaching Positions Associate Professor, Marshall University, Huntington,    WV, 1988.
      Marketing Education Teacher Coordinator, Lawrence County Joint Vocational School, Getaway, Ohio, l983 - l989.
      Research Assistant, Marshall University, 1982-1983.


     Vice President Southeastern Ohio DECA Marketing Education Teachers     Association. 1988 - 1989.
     Lecturer, DECA State Competitive Events Workshop, Zanesville, Ohio. 1989.
     Lecturer, District 11 Leadership Workshop, Rio Grande, Ohio.  1988.
    Conference Facilitator, Competitive Events Competition, Lawrence County Vocational School, Getaway, Ohio. 1988.
     State DECA Conference Coordinator, West Virginia Department of     Education, 1989 - 1994.
     Human Resources Management Intern with Foodlion, Inc., Salisbury, North    Carolina, 1992.
     Safety Training Consultant, Johnson and Johnson Products, Dunn, North     Carolina.  1992.
     Training Consultant, International Paper Company, Waltersboro, South Carolina. 1995-96.
     External Auditor, Hospice of Huntington. 1995.

     Teaching Experiences: Public School
       Lawrence County Vocational School (8 years)

      Undergraduate Courses
           Introduction to Marketing Education (8 years)
           Methods of Instruction in Marketing Education and Diversified    Cooperative Training (8 years)
           Curriculum Development (8 years)
           Advanced Curriculum Design for Promotion (3 years)
           Advanced Curriculum Design for Selling (3 years)
           Cooperative Education Techniques (8 years)
           Student Teaching Seminar (8 years)
           Supervised student teachers (8 years)
           Supervised methods students (8 years)
           Leadership Development (8 years)
           Conference Planning (7 years)
      Graduate Courses
          Aspects of Training and Development (3 years)
          Developing Training for Business and Industry (3 years)
          Occupational Analysis (3 years)
          Job Analysis (2 years)
          Research and Writing (3 years)
          Total Quality Management for Education Environments (1 year)
          Supervised Business and Industry Internship (3 years)

 Thesis Students
      Lisa Bowden   Masters of Education (May 1996)
      Dale Prey
      Doris Brozik


 Advisor, Undergraduate Marketing Education Majors
 Advisor, Marshall University Chapter of Collegiate DECA/Delta Epsilon Chi
 Director Marketing Education Curriculum Lab
 Departmental Library Liason
 Total Quality Management Facilitator
 Institutional Hearing Panel and Committee
Ad Hoc Graduate Program Committee, 1991.
Ad Hoc Committe Outcomes of NCATE knowledge base, 1990.
Personnel Committee
   Faculty Development and Special Projects Request Special Project Funds
 Program Committee
Ad Hoc Committee to Develop M.A. in Community and Technical College, Chair, 1996.
Marshall University Faculty Judicial Board, 1994 - 1995.
State TQM Facilitator, 1993 - present.


 Preparation for DECA State Competition, 1989.
 Preparation for DECA Series Event, 1988.
Coordinating Student's On-the Job-Training, 1992.
Facilitating Total Quality Managment Work Teams, 1992.
Curriculum Development for Internships, 1992.
Competency Based Competitive Event Management, 1992.
Success is a Seven Letter word, 1992.
Is It Internship or Is It Coop?, 1992.
Advisory Committees are Your Best Friend. 199l.
Sexual Harrassment in the Curriculum.  1991.
Critical thinking Across the Curriculum. 1991.
Key Safety Issues for the Classroom. 199l.
Current Cooperative Education Issues and Trends.  1991.
Entrepreneurship!  What Is It?, 1991.
Coordination Techniques for Classroom Teachers, 1989.
Components for Visual Merchandising, 198l.
Phillips Petroleums Free Enterprise Competitive Written Events, 1986.


Served on national review committee for Retail Job Skill Standards project.
Served on state review panel for the West Virginia teacher certification tests.

 Inservice Curriculum Development for Diversified Training Teacher     Coordinators. Duration:  July 1, 1990 - June 30, 1991.  Funding: $3,946.00

 Inservice Curriculum Development for Marketing Education Teacher Coordinators.
  Duration: June 10, 1990 - June 30, 1991.  Funding : $2,99l.00

 Student Organizational Activities.  Duration September 1995 - Present. Funding:
  $30,000.00 per year, total $60,000.00 to date.


Office: Program Director (June 1996 - present).
National Professional Organization: Marketing Education Association, Marketing   Education Administration Professional Interest Category.

 Merit and Research Awards

 Organization: Marshall University
 Award: Merit Service Award
 Date: November 1996

 Organization: National Marketing Education Research Conference
 Award: Harold H. Williams Award
 Date: May 21, 1995

 Service Awards
 Organization: DECA
 Award:  DECA Outstanding Patience Award
 Date: May 1991

 Organization: DECA
 Award: State Conference Director
 Date: May 1992

 Organization:   DECA
 Award:   Distinguished Service Award
 Date: May 1993

 Organization: DECA
 Award: Distinguished Service Award
 Date: May 1994

 Organization: DECA
 Award: Conference Director
 Date: May 1995

 Development of Industrial Education and Training Needs Survey as part of a three year   joint venture Beijing University in China.  (Currently running data in both   locations.)

 Board of Directors National Councils

 North Atlantic Regional Council Member (1992 - present)
 Delta Epsilon Chi Post Secondary Council Member (1995 - present)
 West Virginia MarkED Consortium representative. (1995 - present)
 West Virginia DECA Inc. representative. (1995 - present)

 Professional Development Training

 Total Quality Facilitator Training, four day training, Marshall University
 How to Identify and Fix Pesky PC Problems, March 1993, Barboursville,WV.


 Human Resources Development Internship, Foodlion Inc., Dunn, NC, 1992.
 Wyant, L., (l995).  Historical Perspective of Marketing Education From 1965 - 1990 as   seen by contemporary leaders.  Dissertation.  The Ohio State University.

 Wyant, L., Marketing Education: now and then.  Audio tapes of 33 contemporary leaders   in the field concerning various topics of interest to the field.  Edited and    distributed to teacher educators for educational purposes.

 Safety Training for Marketing Education and Diversified Cooperative     Training - printed and available for teacher in WV and other states.
    (Found in curriculum section of this document)

 Blind Peer-reviewed paper presented at regional conference
 Wyant, L. (1994).  Multimedia Technology Strengthens The Training And Development   Activities in Human Resources Development.  Paper presented at the Southern   Business Education Association Conference.  Birmingham, Alabama.

 Refereed papers presented at national or regional conferences

 Wyant, L., Prey, Phil  (1994).  Application and Utilization of Marketing evelopment   Arenas.  Paper presented at the National Marketing Education Research    Conference.  Key West, Florida.

 Wyant, L. (1995).  Requiring More of Teacher Preparation: Authentic Assessment a   Vehicle to Reform.  Paper presented at the National Marketing Education    Research Conference.  Key West, Florida.

 Invited papers presented at international and regional conferences

 Wyant, L., (1992).  Coordinating marketing education students on the job.  Paper    presented at the annual DECA North Atlantic Regional Conference.  Washington,

 Wyant, L., (1992).  Tips on being the professional teacher educator.  Paper presented at   the National Career Development Conference.  Orlando, Florida.

 Wyant, L., (1992).  A Survey Indicating Proposed Future Direction for Collegiate DECA.
  Washington, D. C., 1992.

 Wyant, L., (1995).  Authentic Assessment: Portfolio model in higher education.  Paper   presented at Shaanxi Institution of Education.  Xian, Shannxi, PR China, In   conjunction with USA/SINO Teacher Education Consortium Ninth Annual   Meeting.

 Wyant, L., (1995).  Educational Reform: A new way of doing business.  Tech prep what   is it?  Paper presented at the Twelfth Annual Atlantic Coast Business and    Marketing Education Conference.  Raleigh, North Carolina.

 Wyant, L., (1996). School to work: We can make it happen.  Paper presented at the   Thirteenth Annual Atlantic Coast Business and Marketing Education Conference.    Raleigh, North Carolina.

 Invited papers presented at state meetings
 Coordination techniques and forms. (1989)  Presented at the New Professional    Conference in Lewisburg, WV.

 Craft advisor committees.  (1991) Presented at the 16th Annual Vocational and Adult   Education Conference, Charleston, WV.
 Enterprise Sandwich Shop computer simulation.  (1991) Presented at the High School   Business Symposium sponsored by the West Virginia Small Business Education   Center, Huntington, WV.

 DECA Conference Update.  (1993) Presented at the West Virginia Cooperative    Education Conference, Charleston, WV.

 Safety Standards and Measures.  (1993) Presented at the faculty in-service for Putnam   County School, Putnam, WV.

 Total Quality Management. (1994) Presented at Retail Training Office, Huntington, WV.

 Tech Prep.  (1995) Presented at the West Virginia Cooperative Education Conference,   Beckley, WV.

 Effective Business Writing.  (1996) Presented at the Marshall University's Institute for   Business Development,  Huntington, WV.


 Office: Program Director (June 1996 - present).
 National Professional Organization: Marketing Education Association, Marketing   Education Administration Professional Interest Category.


 West Virginia State Department of Education, Vocational Education Division,    Conference Director. (One fourth of my professional time was devoted to these   responsibilities.) 1990 - 1994.

 West Virginia State Department of Education, Vocational Education Division, State   Supervisor Marketing Education and Cooperative Education and State DECA   advisor.  (Full time state supervisor.) 1995 - present.


 Marketing Education Association 1991-92
 Marketing Education Association 1993
 The Academy of Human Resource Development (Charter Member) 1993 - Present
 Marketing Education Association 1995
 American Vocational Association 1987 - present
 Marketing Education and Cooperative Education Association 1991 - present
 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

 Certificate of Recognition, Marshall University Human Resources Department, 1994.
 Certificate of Appreciation, State of West Virginia twenty years of service, 1994.


 Certificate of completion CQI Training, The Center of Entrepreneurial Studies and   Development, Inc. (1993)

 Conference attended while supervising students

 West Virginia Fall Leadership Conference, 1991 - 1996, Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV.
  Have attended, presented workshops and taken Delta Epsilon Chi students to   every conference.

 West Virginia Career Development Conference Director, 1991 - 1996, various locations   in West Virginia.  Have served as conference director and accompanied Delta   Epsilon Chi student to every conference.  (Approximately 500 pr conference)

 National Career Development Conference, 1991 - 1996, various locations around the   country.  Made travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, site seeing activities   for West Virginia DECA and Delta Epsilon Chi students attending the conference   (approximately 500 student per year).

 Conference attended

 National Marketing Education Conclave, 1994,  Milwaukee, Wis.
 Ninth Annual USA/SINO Teacher Education Consortium Conference, June 1995. Hong   Kong, China.
 Technological Literacy Conference, January 1994, Arlington, Va.
 National Marketing Education Research Conference, 1990, 1994, 1996.
 State Career Development Conference, each year in March, 1988 - 1996.  Various   locations in West Virginia.
 North Atlantic DECA Conference, each year in November, 1988 - 1996.  Various   locations around the country and Canada.
 North Atlantic Regional Business and Marketing Education Conference, February, 1993-  1995.   Raliegh, North Carolina.
 3T Conference, Morgantown, WV.


 School-To-Work tracking forms currently used by many school systems in West Virginia.


 Department committees
  Ad Hoc Graduate Program Committee,  September - October, 1991.
  Director Marketing Education Resources Lab 1991 - present
   (Care, maintenance, and order of curriculum resource lab.)

 College committees

  Ad Hoc Committe Outcomes of NCATE knowledge base 1990

  Personnel Committee - elected - 1990 - 1991, Chair 1995-96
    Faculty Development and Special Projects Request
    Special Project Funds
  Program Committee  - elected 1996-98

  Ad Hoc Committee to Develop M.A. in Community and Technical College    Teaching Appointed - 1996-97 - Chair
 University committees

  Total Quality Management Facilitator - 1993 - present - appointed by Gilley
    1. Living Learning Center Team - 1993-1994
             Team worked weekly on the proposal for eight months.
             Proposal submitted to Steering Committee April 1994.
    2. Child Care Team - 1996 - present
             Team worked twice per week during the Spring 1996 semester.  Submitted report to Steering Committee and             President Gilley.  Team began meeting bi-weekly during the Fall 1996 term and will continue to work on the charge through the Spring 1996 term.
  Institutional Hearing Panel - elected - 1993-95, 1995 - 1997

  Institutional Hearing Committee - appointed - 1994

  Institutional Hearing Committee , Co-chair - appointed - 1995

  Marshall University Faculty Judicial Board  - volunteer -1994 - 1995
State Committees
  State TQM Facilitator - 1993 - present - appointed